Glossa Manual


Data Structure and Import

Which dictionaries are included in Glossa from the start?

How do I add the vocabulary - data?

How do I create an xml- or csv-file?

In what order do the data have to be arranged?

Why should I enter more data than just the word and its meaning? How does Glossa use them?

I have neither the desire nor the time to enter the vocabulary by hand. Are there any shortcuts?

How do I supplement data which I have already transferred to Glossa?

What is the maximum of words for a language?


What is a filter and how does it work?

What should I know about the flashcards?

What's with the tests?

What are the statistics for?

What is the use of the dictionary?

Trouble shooting

Not all or none of the files transferred via the documents exchange were recognized.

Not all data in my file are readable. Glossa offers me to import only a part of my file. What should I do?

Glossa can read none of my data. What should I do?

There is no solution for my problem in this faq. What do I do now?