Glossa Manual


Why should I enter more data than just the word and its meaning? How does Glossa use them?

You can use Glossa without any restrictions, if you enter only the word and its meanings. All further information is optional, but it may be useful in the learning process.

The information on book and page can be used for filtering the words. Imagine, for example, your vocabulary file contains 2,000 records and you have not yet learned any of it. To memorize all cards at once is as good as impossible; you should rather create one or more stacks containing excerpts of the whole set and select one to start with. Using filters it is easy to create these stacks, and it becomes even more convenient, if the information on book and page were being provided.

The technical information will appear on the back of a card. These data may contain further information on a word, which also have to be learned by the student, e. g. the gender of a noun or the principal parts of a verb ("gehen, ging, gegangen").

The part of speech finally is used to detect doublets when supplementing existing languages by new data.