Glossa Manual

Getting Started

I have neither the desire nor the time to enter the vocabulary by hand. Are there any shortcuts?

First of all creating a vocabulary-file by hand is not as tiresome as it may sound. Usually you only need a quarter of an hour for hundred words. Add to that the effect it has on your knowledge of the words and you will find that this time is well spent.

If you learn with a group of friends or colleagues, who use Glossa, you may also consider dividing the task, so that every single one of you only has to create a small file.

But if that’s not an option for you, there are shortcuts:

If there is no specific book you learn from or if generally speaking you don’t mind to learn whatever words come your way, you may search the Internet for dictionary-files. It is not guaranteed but very likely, that soon you will find a text-file containing an extensive dictionary for the language you are interested in.

Also, many commercial language programs offer the opportunity, to export their vocabulary to txt-or csv-file.

It is usually easy to rearrange such files in the order needed by Glossa.