Glossa Manual


What is a filter and how does it work?

With a filter you can create a stack or a collection from the total number of words in a language.

When you add a new language to Glossa, no filter exists and the flashcards as well as the tests use all the words, you have provided. If the number of words is low, this may be okay and the addition of a filter may not required.

For larger sets of words, however, creating a filter is worth the small effort. A filter can be defined using the following criteria:

Nameidentifies the filter
Direction determines whether the words are presented or testes from foreign to native language, vice versa or mixed.r
Bookdefines the book, the words should come from.
Pagetells Glossa from which pages of the fore mentioned book the words are to be chosen (specifying upper and lower limits).
Lettersdetermines the initial letters of the words (upper and lower limit).
Ordersets the order in which the cards are to be sorted.
Levelmay be used to restrict the level of knowledge of the vocabulary
Tasks per testdefines the number of tasks per test

The number of filters per language is not limited.