Simple Logic


The rules of this game are pretty simple, and - more importantly - rather well known:

At the beginning of the game the computer - let‘s call him the „coder“ - creates a secrete combination of colors, the „code“. It is your job to find out, what this combination looks like. The length of the code as well as the number of different colors, that the coder might use, depend on the preferences you specified.

To guess the correct answer touch the grey circles at the bottom of the screen.

At each touch the color of the circle changes. When all circles show a color you may submit your guess by touching the rounded rectangle on the right.

The coder will tell you, how close you came to finding the correct answer. He‘ll use a grey circle to signify a correct color in the wrong place and a white color for a correct color in the correct place.

Armed with these hints you may go on and take further guesses, until you break the code.

The following preferences can be set:

Code Length
You can decide how long the code-to-guess should be. Values between three and six are accepted.
If you're bored with guessing only four different colors you can make the tasks more challenging by increasing the number of colors up to six.

Out of your wits with four colors? Reduce them to three!

Turn on the paintstakingly synthesized sound (thanks by the way to Apple's Garage Band - much obliged !)
Auto Save
Saves the game if you want to or have to quit it before it's done.
Tutor (ad-free version only)
If turned on the tutor will warn you before submitting a guess that is logically unsound. Sometimes you may disagree - but believe him, he is always right.
Minutes per Game (ad-free version only)
Bored having as much time as you want? Set a limit that differs from eternity and feel the panic rise as the seconds steadily approach zero ...

If you have questions, please let me know, I'd be happy to help. Mail to