The gameplay of SIMSON is fairly simple: All you have to do is repeat the sequence of colors / sounds the computer confronts you with. In the beginning this should be easy, as the sequence consists usually of only one member. But everytime you succeed in repeating this sequence, the computer challenges you by adding one more color / sound to it. Soon you’ll find, that you have to really concentrate in order to get it right.

A couple of „extras“ were added to keep the game interesting. You'll find them in the "Preference"-View:

Number of buttons (ad-free version only)
You can choose between four, nine and sixteen buttons to play on.
Button style (ad-free version only)
If you don’t like the rectangles you can change to rounded rectangles or circles.
Repeat backwards
If turned on you have to repeat every sequence in reverse order.
Skip every 2nd
If turned on, you have to repeat every second element of the sequence only. This could be rather boring, so to add some spice to this preference the starting point changes continually between the first and the second tone/color of the sequence, i.e.:

1; 2; 1-3; 2-4; 1-3-5; 2-4-6; 1-3-5-7; 2-4-6-8

and so on.
Start with
The number of tones the game starts with. You can choose values between 1 and 20.
The number of tones that will be added after the player repeated a sequence successfully. Again you can choose values between 1 and 20.
Shuffle (ad-free version only)
The computer shuffles the buttons after presenting you the challenge. You can choosee between never, sometimes and always.

You may also try "autosave": The application will save the progress of a game, whenever you finished it by changing the view, quitting the application etc.

Please be aware that with these preferences you can make it fiendishly hard to get only to the third or fourth level - at least for the mere mortals that most of us probably are.

Last not least you get points for every correct repeated element of the sequence. Hence there is a ist of highsocres which you can admire but also erase.

Have fun!

Any questions? Send me an email, I‘ll be happy to answer.